Happy New Year!

Happy new year! We certainly had a cold end to 2022, but I did see that some of you were out there braving the weather. Nice whiting being brought in too.

Here is the meeting calendar for the first quarter

January 10th: Reading the Beach – understand what to look for and where to place your baits

February 7th BIG HEADS UP ON THE DATE, we are not meeting on the 14th because of Valentine’s day. Meeting topic will be “Weather and how to fish it, plus, apps/websites that can help you find the fish.”

March 14th: Beach experts covering specific beaches. We are going to put together a panel of experts that will cover a beach up north, one in the Jax Beach area, and then one further south. We will cover how to fish that particular beach.

September meeting

Archie from Strike Zone put on a great show for us. Many tips were shared on how to catch with with lures from the surf. His presentation was especially interesting if you want to target Tarpon.

Just to bullet point a few topics covered:

  • Minimizing your tackle on the beach – think running and gunning
  • Best rod style for the type of fish you’re after
  • Best gear setup to keep you mobile but flexible
  • Methods on how to work your baits

Be sure to come to the October meeting where we will be discussing the best reels for Surf Fishing. See you October 11th 6pm at Copeland’s!

Upcoming Fall meetings

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Copelands on Southside Boulevard in Jacksonville. Dinner starts at 6pm and then the meeting runs from 7pm to 8pm.

This year we have put alot of effort into focusing the meetings on educational and interactive topics versus just the business of running the club. The meetings are for club members, but we are happy to have you join a meeting or two for a test run. It’s a great way to pick up a few tricks for the beach and to find a few folks to fish with too!

September 13th: Lure Fishing

There are a few ways to fish lures effectively, but there is one thing for sure – nothing is better than that feeling of reeling in and feeling your lure get crushed by something!

October 11th: “Reel” talk

Spinner? Conventional? Braid? Mono? The mechanics of each and when to use what for the best experience.

November 8th: Rod Selection is bigger better?

What goes into selecting a rod and what makes a great rod great?

August Meeting – The Mullet Run!

Our own Noel Kuhn presented at the August meeting. Spring and Fall are the best times to be on the beach, and fall is extra-special because with a little luck and a little mullet you can land just about anything that swims. Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder, Bluefish, Redfish and Jack Crevalle are just some of the fish you can land with live or cut bait.

Noel covered the basics of how to net the mullet, how to keep them alive, how to hook them and where to place them for the best chance to catch some fish.

Special thanks to Noel for doing the presentation and as always to Copelands for hosting us for the dinner and meeting.

Trash Fish tournament June 2022

Summer here in North Florida isn’t know for its abundance of dinner fish on the beach. The water is usually warm, and we tend to find that while there are fish to be caught, few people that fish are excited about Ladyfish, Catfish, Stingrays, and Croaker/Spot.

So we decided to make the best of it and held a club event to see who can catch the most trash fish by length. Wouldn’t you know though – when you get over 100 years of fishing expertise together, instinct takes over and we ended up catching only 3 trash fish, but plentiful (if short) whiting and Pompano. A nice Blacktip was also beached!

Special thanks goes out to The Sinker Guy for providing tape to measure with!