FSC Open 18th Annual Surf Fishing Tournament

The tournament was a great success this year! Special thanks goes out to Michael Huges, Noel Kuhn, Lyndon Godwin, Steve Austin, and Wesley Dean for running the weigh in.

Congrats to all the winners!


1st place: Brook Daley 4.124

2nd place: William Rehberg 2.42

3rd place: Brian Hooie 2.27

4th place: Ashley Rehberg 1.98

5th Place: George Katsaras 1.88

6th place: Brian Curlett 1.865


1st place: Gage Walker 1.84

2nd place: Carter Melvin 1.69

3rd place: Richard Gentzel 1.555

4th place: Melissa Brogden 1.515

5th place: Trong Le 1.41

6th place: Jennifer Buksar 1.385


Biggest Whiting: Kalan Deloach 1.04

Biggest Pompano: Ella-Grace Reht 1.565

See you next year!!!