We meet the second Tuesday of every month at Copelands on Southside Boulevard in Jacksonville. Dinner starts at 6pm and then the meeting runs from 7pm to 8pm.

This year we have put alot of effort into focusing the meetings on educational and interactive topics versus just the business of running the club. The meetings are for club members, but we are happy to have you join a meeting or two for a test run. It’s a great way to pick up a few tricks for the beach and to find a few folks to fish with too!

September 13th: Lure Fishing

There are a few ways to fish lures effectively, but there is one thing for sure – nothing is better than that feeling of reeling in and feeling your lure get crushed by something!

October 11th: “Reel” talk

Spinner? Conventional? Braid? Mono? The mechanics of each and when to use what for the best experience.

November 8th: Rod Selection is bigger better?

What goes into selecting a rod and what makes a great rod great?